the deeper dark

the deeper dark

A fighter pilot endures years in a POW camp in Afghanistan after his jet experiences equipment failure while on a routine mission. By some strange miracle one day after years of incarceration, Captain Haven Kayd finds a way to escape.

Meanwhile, his wife was informed of his death and has moved on with her life. So has his daughter who has been growing up on her own without a father since his disappearance. To their surprise, they are visited one day by two Marines who are there to inform them that Haven is in fact still alive.

Haven’s return shocks the nation and his life is celebrated while he’s simply trying to play catch up in a world that went on without him. It’s not long before he stumbles onto the truth, a scandalous truth that finds him mixed up in the middle of unbelievable corruption. Not only was his plane meant to go down, but he was meant to die. And that just scratches the surface of how evil this scandal gets.

As the truth comes out, he finds himself pitted against an enemy he once thought was on his side. An invisible enemy that reaches quite high and has resources far beyond Haven’s imagination. But they have no idea how far Haven is willing to go once they threaten the one very special person he has left in his life.

A Deeper Dark is a masterfully woven tale of corruption in the highest places of our government with action that doesn’t let up until the end. Michael Allen is a skillful author who keeps his readers turning pages until they hesitantly devour the last word.

the deeper darkthriller, conspiracy theory, deep state, dark web, human trafficking, hackingthe deeper dark

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the deeper dark