a danger to society


michael allen a danger to societyHow one extraordinary man with the unfortunate case of mistaken identity shook an entire town…and the Good Ol’ Boy network waging war against him!


It’s a hysterical look at the notions of law, crime, and criminal behavior. After a brush with the law, “Dawg’s” life takes a sudden turn as he becomes a hostage of the “system.”


Fighting against the madness every step of the way, Dawg’s behind-the-scenes discoveries are hilarious, sobering, and often shocking exposures of a transparent gaggle called the legal system blatantly making their own rules and only following them as they wish.


When they discover Dawg isn’t who they thought he was, they refuse to do what’s right. Dawg must take matters into his own hands as he flips the script, brings truth to light and raises the question, “Who actually is a danger to society?”



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michael allen