This Hero Saved A Family From An Overturned Van And Got A Bill For His Reward

Derrick Deanda saw a family who needed his help. He rushed to their overturned vehicle and saw a man and his three kids trapped inside.

Immediately, he sprung into action and pulled them all to safety, “I pulled up right as it happened. There was a guy standing inside the van, because it was on its side, holding a 2 year-old infant.”

When the paramedics arrived, they administered medical help where needed and checked everyone out. They even made sure Derrick was okay. They took his pulse and gave him a bottle of water. Then, they billed him for $143.

First of all, checking his pulse and a bottle of water costs $143? That might be one of the reasons people can’t afford their own medical. I can check a pulse and give someone a bottle of water for $143. Hell, I’ll throw in a huge discount and beat the competition…big brother medical system.

Second of all, that’s what happens when EMTs force medical attention on you? If you’re at the scene and had anything to do with it, they ask if you’re okay. You tell them you’re fine. But, they insist on checking you out anyway. You let them do it because you think, they’re only doing their job. Then, you got a bill?

I can do that too. I will go around and offer people assistance all day long. Even if they turn me down, I will insist. Then when they agree, I will give them my assistance and then hand them a bill like a waiter hands you the ticket after your meal.

Help an old lady across the street – $25
Carry groceries – $45
Catch a dog or cat – $72.95

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