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Bill Belichick Pregame Outfit Starts A Twitter Riot

Bill Belichick comes across like the kind of guy who just doesn’t care. He has one passion in life and that’s football. Nothing else is worth his time. At least, that’s the way he comes across.

His pregame outfit yesterday lived up to every word of that. And of course, Twitter had a blast making fun of him. When it comes to having a sense of humor, you have to be on the strong side in this world. No one is going to give you a break. So, wear what you want but expect that it will blow up to be a meme. Nothing gets past the long line of comedians on Twitter.

One thing’s for sure, that man is not going to change. Don’t count on him to dress up for a game any time soon. It’s just not that important to him. And the fans can have all the fun they want. That doesn’t get to him either. He just doesn’t GAF!

This isn’t his first rodeo. He’s been a meme for years. Every time there’s a scandal, every time he looks at someone crooked, the internet blows up with memes because that’s what the internet does. If there aren’t memes about a celebrity, they’re not significant enough.

Bill Belichick actually gives people stuff to talk about. He’s a meme factory. He couldn’t stop himself if he tried. The looks on his face, the clothes he wears, the things he does…it’s all up for grabs. Just hashtag it and Twitter will have a heyday with it.

bill belichick
bill belichick
bill belichick

And that’s hardly the end of it. It won’t come to an end any time soon. Next week, he’s likely to do something and wind up starting another Twitter riot, just because he can.

After that, you deserve a fresh look at Toni Braxton wearing this…

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