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Bezos Tweet To Leonardo DiCaprio Over Lauren Sanchez

What are the Lauren Sanchez and Leonardo DiCaprio headlines about? It’s a funny story actually and Jeff Bezos was right there in the room. There’s an entire video that was tweeted by Variety and it’s what started the whole thing.

Lauren Sanchez made a name for herself long before her boyfriend came along. She’s an actress, news anchor, entertainment reporter, and media personality. But a simple image search and you quickly find out how much the media loves to follow Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez around. You’d think that’s how Lauren got her name. But I assure you she didn’t.

She’s in the headlines now over something completely different though. But, the focus is on Sanchez and DiCaprio. In fact, the video received so much attention unflattering to Bezos that he had to send DiCaprio a tweet about it. Of course, he’s joking. Or is he?

Leo, come over here, I want to show you something… @LeoDiCaprio


lauren sanchez and leonardo dicaprio

I think he’s joking. But Twitter is forever having fun with stories like this and it’s just getting started…



Rule #1 is never introduce your girlfriend to Leo DiCaprio.


Richest man in the world and ya girl still choosin.


Find you someone who looks at you the way Jeff Bezos’ girlfriend looks at Leo DiCaprio.


Twitter definitely has jokes. Those Tweet Peops never let up. But like I said, Lauren Sanchez made a name for herself long before Jeff Bezos came along.

On The Red Carpet At The AMAs

lauren sanchez and leonardo dicaprio

At The AMAs In 2009

Quite A Few Years Ago With Son Nikko

At A Bikini Contest

I’m sure Jeff Bezos can take all the jokes he’s been ushered over the spark between Lauren Sanchez and Leonardo DiCaprio. Even though it was involuntary, Sanchez couldn’t hide it. The thing is though, DiCaprio can make most men feel a little insecure when their girlfriend lays eyes on him.

I wonder who makes his eyes sparkle like that!

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