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Sexy Clip From ‘Elementary’ Shows Why It’s Always Good To Be Honest

So far she has only been in a few episodes of Elementary. But Betty Gilpin has stolen the show in each one. She is currently the girlfriend of Sherlock Holmes. But, it almost didn’t turn out that way.

When they first met, she was part of an investigation. She was actually a suspect. But when Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson observed that Fiona Helbron, a socially awkward software engineer had autism and she couldn’t bring herself to lie, even when Holmes specifically asked her to, she was ruled out as a suspect. She was in another scene at the end of “Murder Ex Machina” where Holmes recruits her to help solve the case with her knowledge of software engineering.

A few episodes later, she comes back in “A View with a Room.” Only this time, she becomes a client. She hires Dr. Watson to check out her new boss since her old one ended up being a murderer. This is where the relationship with Sherlock begins. She pays a visit to him. She is awkward, but she gets to the point that she likes him and that she would like to kiss him.

It’s different for Sherlock. He has to think about the relationship and what it means. By the end of the episode, he has it figured out and we viewers at home are rooting for them. She deserves a good man and Sherlock definitely has it in him to be one.

But, the next episode we see her in is “Ready or Not.” She’s acting odd. Sherlock confesses to Dr. Watson they haven’t had sex. Then out of the blue, Fiona breaks up with him. She states that he is treating her differently. He was making an extra effort to make it work.

Of course, she might have had that happen to her many times in her life. People treat her different because she is different. They think it’s appropriate when it’s just another negative experience for someone who only wants to feel normal, to be treated normal, to not stand out.

Sherlock could have accepted it. But, he decides to take a chance at explaining. If anyone ever has any difficulty in being honest in relationships, this is one scene that should prove to you to try. She could have reacted to him in any number of ways. But I submit, when a beautiful lady stands up and walks toward you with bedroom eyes, isn’t that evidence enough to always be honest? It’s the best idea we’ve had so far…

Enjoy the video!

The Magic Of Honesty

In case the video is down for some reason, here is the dialog:

Sherlock Holmes: I-I know that you appreciate honesty and directness, so, um, I’ll-I’ll be direct with you. I think you’ve misjudged me. I say that without reproach. I just think you should know. You said you’d had two serious relationships in the past. It might surprise you to learn that puts you at least one, and arguably two, ahead of me. I had one great romance in my life. One would be hard-pressed to call her a girlfriend. And even harder pressed to call that relationship a success. I never felt the need beyond that. Part of the reason for that is that relationships are hard for me. You sensed that I was making an extra effort to make things work with you. In that, you were correct. But you presumed that that was because you’re different. It is not. It is because I’m different. And because you are the rare woman I have come across for whom I believe that extra effort is worthwhile. So whatever the future holds, whether we see each other again or not, I wanted you to know.

Fiona: Is Joan home?

Sherlock: No. I requested she give us some privacy.

Fiona: Okay. I think we should have sex now. Do you want to have sex now?

Sherlock: I-I don’t not want to have…

Fiona locks Sherlock in a kiss.

End Scene

That’s all the evidence I need to always be honest.

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