Best Valentine’s Day Scene Ever: The Bloody Valentine

Many of us were single on Valentine’s Day and for some of us, that was by choice. There were a few sulkers who can’t stand being alone, but most of us made it through the day just fine.

My favorite highlights for Valentine’s Day from my Facebook timeline:

2020: Everyone’s talking about how much in love they are today! They’re having such a wonderful Valentine’s Day… And I’m over here like, the candy’s going to be really cheap tomorrow.

2016: Sofía Vergara

And my personal favorite from 2014: Go enjoy your love today and spread V.D. throughout the world.

But some people did have a hard day today to get through. Without someone in their life, it really sucks and it brings them down. While they are seeing the love all around them, they feel left out even though there are options.

Option #1: I guarantee most of you have someone who has been trying to get your attention, but you never gave them the time of day. Now’s the time to start looking.

Option #2: Grab a friend and go do something. You don’t have to kiss and be romantic. You’re friends. Eww! I’m just saying, you’ll be less lonely.

Option #3: There are professionals you can hire. No, I’m not talking about a therapist. What kind of guy would I be if I sent you to someone’s office so you can lie back on their couch and reveal all your naked truths to them? What kind of man do you think I am? I was talking about ESCORTS. You can pay them to be your date.

But if you don’t mind being single on Valentine’s Day, then you’re like many of us. We look at Valentine’s Day like any other day and we move on because being single isn’t half bad.  We don’t take things so seriously, which brings me to my point of this whole thing in the first place.

You’ll love this scene if you’re anything like me. It’s a Valentine’s Day scene from Modern Family Season 4 Episode 15 when Claire has just learned she has a slight heart condition. Phil wants her to relax, but she has other plans. This is the best Valentine’s Day scene in cinematic history. You’re welcome!


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