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Bebe Rexha Made Jaws Drop On ‘That’s My Jam’

Bebe Rexha has never shyed away from the camera. She takes great photos and they’re not hard to look at. But last night was different. She came on That’s My Jam with a very impressive outfit and I didn’t see a problem at all with it.

It wasn’t a photoshoot. It wasn’t something that could be photoshopped if there was an issue with the outfit. It was live television and I think she showed great taste in what she chose to wear.

Bebe Rexha

Of course, I could almost hear the sighs of all the Karens across the country who would have a problem with it. I could barely hear them saying, “Oh, will you look at her. Can’t she leave anything to the imagination? Why does she think that’s appropriate to go on television with children watching and dress like that?”

I could almost hear them saying these things, but I was ignoring them as I watched Bebe Rexha express herself. She’s comfortable with who she is. She doesn’t back down from social constructions that might try to tell her to tone it down. She’s who she is and she brings it her way. Why wouldn’t I love all that confidence and the beauty that goes with it?

By the way, she’s also an awesome singer. I hope all those Karens didn’t miss that part. She tore it up last night and really, that’s why I watch That’s My Jam. It’s a funny show with Jimmy Fallon hosting, so you know there’s going to be music and a lot of foolishness.

Bebe Rexha

It’s been hilarious since the pilot when Ariana Grande and Blake Shelton lost to Kelly Clarkson and John Legend. That was the one where Blake locked Jimmy in his own Doom Box and let him get sprayed repeatedly while The Voice team walked off the stage waving at everyone. You know if Blake Shelton is going to be on the show, there’s going to be a lot of fun and he lived up to his name.

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