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Balloon Boy Hoax Father, Now There Are Talks About Perjury

When Richard Heene appeared on Larry King Live, he tried to deny the hoax and offer some kind of rationale for all that has happened including what he said in a court of law.  Once that show aired, expert lawyers across the nation started buzzing about how he had perjured himself.  Not necessarily true!

What is said in a court of law must be absolutely true.  If what Heene said in a court of law is found to not be true, he can be found guilty of perjury.

But what he said on Larry King Live is not evidence.  It would not prompt further charges on the grounds of perjury because it wasn’t a contradiction in a court of law, nor was it an utterance to a law enforcement officer.

We love throwing our opinions around like spaghetti that we hope sticks to the wall.  But, I wish people would try to be more accurate when they are expressing their “expert” opinions.  Lawyers should know that perjury can only be committed under oath.  Actually to correct my earlier statement, perjury is not necessarily committed if a false statement is made to a law enforcement officer.  If can only happen when a person makes a false statement under oath.

Heene was not under oath when he talked to Larry King.  Larry King Live is not the kind of forum where perjury can be committed.  Of course, Heene has lied…either in court or on Larry King Live.  But, I would be willing to be that Heene was straight-laced in court and took it upon himself to try to swing his story on Larry King Live.  No perjury would exist if that is the case.

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