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Awesome Plays Of The 2017 Wild Card Highlights

The 2017 Wild Card games have come and gone. Seattle will see Atlanta next week while Green Bay plays Dallas. Pittsburgh will see Kansas City while Houston plays New England. That’s the playoff picture and it looks like it’s going to be a good weekend of football.

But, the road getting there wasn’t short of exciting. There were plenty of plays that would make a good list of highlights to put together in an entire reel. While I’m sure something like that will come out this week, I actually thought I’d bring your attention to the MOST exciting plays of the weekend.

There were two that top the list. Of course, let me reiterate that there are plenty of plays that would make it. But once you see these two plays, you’ll agree that they are the two that rocked this entire weekend.

I know you probably watched them live just like I did. If you did, here are the videos the NFL released. If you didn’t watch them because your television broke or you were stuck in bad weather, you will love the fact that I brought them together for you to see.

Why else would you have missed them in the first place? Is it possible you were taking a pottery class or watching a seminar on trends in the fashion industry? Of course you were watching football unless an act of God stopped you from being able.

In the first clip, we’re talking about this miracle that Aaron Rodgers seems to be able to keep repeating. The Hail Mary pass has been around in football for a long time. But, it’s hardly successful. It’s just a hope thrown in the air with all of your best hands you have on deck waiting patiently in the end zone.

So, how is it possible that Aaron Rodgers keeps doing it over and over? It’s phenomenal and he did it again against the Giants on Sunday.

Aaron Rodgers Hail Mary Before Half!

Then, comes a crazy catch by Richardson. It’s literally like he climbed over his opponent, wrapped around him, and then reached down under himself to find the ball.

Now, I have seen some awesome catches over the years. I’m a fan of Lynn Swann for crying out loud. But, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like this.

Richardson Insane TD Catch

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