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As Adele Releases ’30,’ It Brings A Huge Revelation

Let’s put aside for a second how totally gorgeous Adele is. Let’s put the fact that she is absolutely adorable on the back burner for now. As we listen to the songs of 30, we are forced to face the fact that everyone needs her. That is how important she is to this world and there is no argument about it.

Music needs Adele! The music industry itself needed Adele and didn’t know it. In a world full of millionaires with their “uh” and “ah” grunts all through their tracks, Adele brings us music that actually fills the void. She is the balm that cures all ails. Music lovers needed to eat and other artists offer us candy while Adele brings us a full-course meal.

Can I say that about other artists like P!nk and Ed Sheeran? Yes, I can. But as you can tell by now, this is all about Adele. My love for her began a long time ago from the first song I ever heard her sing, “Hometown Glory.” And I have never heard a song of hers I did not like. In that respect, she’s just like P!nk. But back to Adele, damnit. She’s who I’m talking about right now.

Her voice is remarkably angelic. I can’t write about her without mentioning that fact. She has a voice sent to her straight from heaven, the likes of which only a few artists in history have been given.

Not just the music industry, but the world needs Adele! We can relate to her. She relates to us. She brings us songs of heartbreak and everyone knows a little something about that. She also talks about motherhood, and she hits hard at how much scrutiny is involved in fame.

Yes, artists as famous as her draw a lot of attention. But it gets ridiculous when the looking glass is so close, it picks up every flaw. No one deserves to be examined as if they are a subject under a microscope. What is most ridiculous are the ones observing her so closely with such harsh criticisms. How perfect are they? Could they survive one day in her shoes?

I can’t believe anyone could possibly have anything bad to say about Adele. But this is the world in which we live. There will always be haters for even the most perfect among us and she comes closer to perfect than most people can imagine. Yes, I said it and I meant. The world needs Adele!

Now, I wouldn’t be Michael Allen if I didn’t bring her beauty back to the conversation. I mean, wow! Her physical beauty is enhanced by her inward beauty and that makes her absolutely radiate.

Adele, Like Cinderella


With A Gorgeous Smile


I Loved Her Then

adele then

And I Love Her Now

adele now

Fall In Love With Adele Again

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