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Armed Robber’s Mother Wonders Why Her Son Was Shot

This is the epitome of the victim mentality. Even when the details are simple, the victim has questions and everyone else is to blame. These questions aren’t logical in any way and that’s why they show how deep the victim mentality can go.

Michael Grace Jr. used to work at a Pizza Hut. He had issues with some of the employees in the past and he no longer worked there at the time he decided to try to rob it. He did have a gun on him and he had a couple other guys with him.

An employee of the Pizza Hut came out from his section and shot Michael in the head. The employee was suspended for his actions only during the investigation. But, he had obtained the gun legally and was carrying legally. So, that investigation should clear him of any wrong doing if law enforcement actually works on this one.

Temia Hairston is Michael’s mother. Her questions are typical of someone who is trying to shift blame. She acknowledges that her son was there to rob the store. She knew he was up to no good. But, she wonders why the employee had a gun.

Her questions went even further than that. She asked what the policy was on having guns in the store. She made further statements that it was not his job to shoot her son, it’s a police matter.

What she doesn’t get is that it’s the right of every individual to protect themselves. If we waited on police every time, we’d all end up dead at the hands of criminals like her son. I wonder if Temia’s life was being threatened, would she call the police and wait? Or would she defend herself?

The one thing about this that is so eerie is that this just happened. It happened just last week and look at her composure. She got over her son’s death quick and went right to the politics of the situation.

She’s demanding justice for the death of her dangerous armed robbing son. Is anyone rallying to her side?

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