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Are Morena Baccarin And Gal Gadot Twins?

With The Endgame coming on NBC, we’re seeing more teasers about the show. My favorite is when Elena Federova puts her feet up on the table. She’s sexy and it’s a provocative move that had me thinking Wonder Woman Gal Gadot has come to television. But no. That’s not her. It’s Morena Baccarin, an entirely different actress.

Did You Think This Was Gal Gadot Too?

Gal Gadot

Nope. It’s Morena Baccarin

Gal Gadot

I could be wrong. I’ve been wrong before. I think they look a lot alike. After comparing them, it’s not an identical match. I have to admit. But they could be sisters. I think Morena Baccarin could play Gal Gadot in an SNL skit.

Cool Chair Photo Shoot

Gal Gadot

I think it’s Morena Baccarin’s smile that makes me think of Gal Gadot. She has a cute smile that makes me want to smile. Do you get that?

Morena Baccarin Smiling

Gal Gadot

Even though it’s not often that Gal Gadot smiles. See? This is her, not smiling.

She’s Not Smiling

Gal Gadot

Of course, Morena Baccarin has a serious side to her as well. See? This is her, being serious.

She’s Being Serious

Gal Gadot

And the other thing they have in common, they both sizzle. See? This is her sizzling.

Gal Gadot Sizzling

See? Morena Baccarin sizzling.

Morena Baccarin Sizzling

She’s Sizzling Again!

And She’s Sizzling Again

I Rest My Case

My Case Has Been Rested

There She Is Smiling

I told you she has a cute smile. See? Here she is. Smiling!

There is a remarkable resemblance. You have to admit that yourself! If it’s just me, then I’m losing my mind. But that wouldn’t be much of a loss. I’m not sure there’s much up there anymore. Either way, we get to enjoy them both in movies and on the television for a long time because those careers are going strong.

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