‘Angel of Mine’ Is A Must See If You Like Mind-Blowing Wicked Twists

Who doesn’t like mind-blowing wicked twists? I love writing them as much as I love watching them. Interacting with a story and trying to figure out what’s going to happen only to be totally blown away by something unexpected is the most entertaining part of watching or reading stories.

Angel of Mine has that. It’s a 2019 film on Hulu in case you’ve never heard of it. I was doing some research on Yvonne Strahovski again and she’s one of the three stars in the film. She plays the mother of two children, a son and a daughter. Noomi Rapace plays a divorced mother of a son, but it soon comes to light that she once also had a daughter who was lost in a fire at the hospital where she was born.

When Noomi sees Yvonne’s daughter for the first time, she thinks that Lola is her daughter. Get ready for the wild ride. The movie starts out innocently enough with Noomi taking an interest in the girl, but then it becomes cringe-worthy as she starts to seek her out. She takes her on a boat ride and attends her ballet.

When she forgets to pick up her own son is when the movie starts to completely spin out of control. Luke Evans plays the boy’s father who threatens to take him away from her. A therapist and her own parents attempt to push her back into treatment in a mental facility. It doesn’t help that she starts talking about Lola being the daughter she lost in the fire.

What happens from there is for you to find out! Trust me, you will absolutely enjoy it. It’s available at Hulu, Hulu Has Whatever You’re Feeling!

Easter Egg

Lola is played by Annika Whiteley, a beautiful little girl who happens to sing one of the songs on the soundtrack “My Rosie.” You’ll have to watch the movie to find out what that’s all about. But, I think you’ll enjoy this song. It has a simple tune about it that builds rhythmically. It’s the kind of song that can soothe your soul.

Bonus Video: I, Frankenstein

That’s right! The movie in its entirety is on Youtube. And no, it’s not stolen. In case you didn’t know, Youtube has free movies as well as one’s you can pay for. I had no idea until researching Yvonne Strahovski and found I, Frankenstein among the long list of movies on Youtube. Enjoy it now, right here!

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