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Amen and Awomen: Yes, That’s Exactly What He Said

I’ve never heard that phrase before. It fell on quite a few confused people’s ears. Of course, “Amen” has nothing to do with gender inequality or the imbalance of a patriarchal society. It’s simply the common ending to a prayer meaning “So be it.”

But, Reverend Emanuel Cleaver seems to think it does. So, his gender-neutral prayer ended in “Amen and Awomen.” At some point, don’t you have to start to wonder if all this political correctness has been one big prank?

Think about it. To be a really elaborate prank, they would have started with things that seem reasonable. Referring to a cop as a police officer rather than continuing to use policeman or using the term maintenance hole instead of the manhole to refer to the opening that gives maintenance workers access to the sewage. Since women are officers and also workers in city maintenance, those changes are reasonable.

But then every once in a while, you hear one that makes you scratch your head. For instance, when a college university diversity-training course taught that it’s offensive to expect people to be on time because there are cultures throughout the world that consider time to be fluid. Because they don’t value time, it’s “offensive” to put value on it yourself. I mean, come on! This has to be a prank, right?

One college professor actually made the argument the small chairs commonly found in preschool are “Disempowering” and “Problematic.” So despite the fact that they are the perfect size for those kids and giving them adult chairs would actually cause big problems like climbing and falling, it’s politically correct. I could argue that dangling feet could cause self-esteem issues when making kids feel inadequate in big chairs where their feet don’t touch the floor, I would undoubtedly be the laughing stock of political correctness for trying to be logical about it.

See? It has to be a prank. This all could very well be a prank. Hey, I’m all for taking words out of my vocabulary and changing things in our world that are genuinely offensive to others. But, let’s take a look at this one a little closer.

Amen means “So be it.” It commonly ends a prayer and has so since any of us can remember. So what does Awomen mean? I wasn’t aware that Amen had anything to do with gender or that it was the masculine version of the term. Is that what Awomen accomplishes? Is that the feminine version?

Oh, what a world we live in! I’m waiting patiently for people to come out laughing and saying, “Got you!”


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