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Amazing Gadgets That Make Great Gift Ideas

I know we haven’t even had Thanksgiving yet, but I think planning for Christmas, the GIFT season is a good idea. Especially if you have a long list and you have no idea where to start. Of course, I’m all for making presents on my own and sending them out because that makes giving gifts a little more special and gift shops just don’t have what I can put together for friends and family myself.

But, I get it. Not everyone can do that. So, some great gift ideas right off the top of my head would be a Giant Eagle gift card or an IKEA gift card. Think about it! Everyone can appreciate the gift of food and you can’t go wrong giving furniture, especially when they can go pick out the furniture they need instead of what you think they need.

Another one that comes to mind now that I think about it is a Marriott gift card. A new couple, an overworked mother, or a traveler in the family would absolutely love you for giving them a comfortable room for a few nights. You’ll never hear enough thank yous after giving a gift like that.

But if you’re looking for something a little different, this list of gadgets might be just the thing. They are handy and some of them solve some really big-time problems. If you want to put a huge smile on someone’s face, check out this list of gift ideas. I hope it helps!



Notice how it attaches to your phone. Now, you have a waterproof monocular telescope for taking pictures. It makes blurry pictures come in very clear with a range of up to 1,000 yards. It adjusts easily. You don’t have to be a professional photographer to be able to use it. The Starscope will change how you do photography.

The Dodow Is The Gift Of Sleep


How many times have you heard your friends or family talk about how they can’t get sleep or they don’t sleep well? That’s where the Dodow comes in! Created by two insomniacs, it’s a light-based metronome that greatly reduces the amount of time it takes for anyone to fall asleep. Out faster. Sleep longer. Who couldn’t use that these days?


Do you have a dog that barks every time a leaf falls on the ground or when people pass by your front door? It can get annoying. But they don’t know. They’re just being dogs. That’s why BarxBuddy is so popular right now. These geniuses found a way to get a dog to behave without hurting it in any way. It’s done with a high-pitched sound that only they can hear and they’ll stop all that barking…immediately.


Now, this is something everyone needs. If you’re tired of taking your car in for one thing and ending up six days later with a bill full of things you didn’t need, you will want to get FIXD. If your car is built after 1996, this device simply plugs into your car’s diagnostic port (usually easy to find under the dash) and you’ll know everything that you need to fix. Install an app on your phone and it will start notifying you of specific issues that your car is having. Not only that, it will give you an estimate of how much it’s going to cost and it can even tell you what could happen to your car if you don’t get it fixed. Yes, this gift is that amazing!

Inflate-R Is A Powerful Gift

The Inflate-R will definitely come in handy. Have you ever looked around for air and couldn’t find any? Have you ever found air and you needed quarters…which you just didn’t happen to have? These are the issues Inflate-R solves. It can pump anything up to 150 PSI, which in case you didn’t know, is just about any tire out there on cars, trucks, SUVs, campers, trailers…etc. It has a powerful battery pack, which means it won’t leave you stranded. Plus, as an added feature to this device, it can power a phone with its USB in emergencies. Now, that’s something you know will definitely come in handy.

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