Alabama Fan Immediately Regrets His Reaction To Championship Loss

Everyone gets passionate about something. Football fans can be the most passionate at times. They love their team. They hate all other teams. Besides the fact that football can bring emotional brutality out in ecstatic fans. It’s that type of game.

Some people learn how to lose with grace. For the most part, Alabama fans have done that. It’s just that there are always a few in the crowd who are going to go the exact opposite way.

One guy got wrapped up in the game and let his emotions fly when Clemson won. After all, it was like the win was literally ripped from Alabama’s hands. They had been in the lead most of the game. When Clemson finally got the lead, it wasn’t by much and there was more than enough time on the clock for Alabama to get the lead back.

In fact, they did. They got the lead. They were up by three. But, Clemson got the ball again. They marched down the field and were within yards with only seconds on the clock. Alabama had to hold them and they had been doing it all game. But, not this time.

Receivers on the right ran a cross pattern. They got the defensive backs tied up and it was all over. One quick throw to a wide open receiver put them up by four with one second left. A successful onside kick sealed the deal.

All that heartbreak in one intense episode and you know some fanatics are going to explode.

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