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‘Airplane Repo’ Hits All The Reality Funny Bones

Reality TV has pushed its limits about as far as it can go. Viewers have definitely caught all the fakery that goes on in making those shows. Airplane Repo is no different even though I actually like the show based on its premise.

Airplane Repo is not just about repossessing airplanes. In its introduction, it boasts of these unique bounty hunters repossessing yachts as well. Can you imagine the One Percenters in this world defaulting on their payments? Next time you’re a few weeks behind on your car payment and feeling really bad about yourself, just think about the millionaires who don’t have the money to make their payments for whatever reason. Living beyond their means? Trying to look good to all their friends while driving themselves further into the hole? Who knows!

In walk Ken Cage, Danny Thompson, Kevin Lacey, Mike Kennedy, and Heather Sterzick from earlier episodes. They take a lot of risks to get those planes out of hangars and into the air. Can you imagine? With as much security that’s in those airfields and all the steps a pilot has to take to get legally in the air, it’s a wonder anyone can do it at all. But, they do. And now imagine them trying to repo a yacht…with people on it! I can’t wait to see that. But so far, it’s just been about the planes.

The thing is that the drama is already written into this type of reality show. I mean, it’s about plane repo. That’s exciting enough. They don’t need writers to add to it. But, they do. They make everything so dramatic, it gets hilarious.

“Ken Cage has found his aircraft. But it’s going to take some time for him to get it into the air. First, he has to open the door and then, you wouldn’t believe what he has to do next! That’s right, he has to climb inside…”

“Not only did Mike Kennedy steal a plane back for his client, but it appears he also stole a wedding cake. Some bride is going to be really upset if her day is ruined. Now, Mike has to rush to save the day. After getting the wedding cake to the married couple just in time, he is once again off beyond the horizon for his Twenty-Five thousand dollar payday…”

And that’s just one of the aspects of the show that gets my Laugher going. What I really find interesting is how they get all those shots. Of course, they have camera guys with them and they make it known that they’re there. So, that’s not the problem.

The problem starts with some of those shots…


Did they stick a guy on the wing?


Did they stick a guy on the dash?


Do they have guys hanging on the planes?

And what do they do with the vehicles that they take to the airfields to get the planes in the first place? They drive up and park. Then, they fly the plane away…thousands of miles. I call staged. Some of this reality footage isn’t very real at all. What I think is, they drive up and get their footage on the ground. Then, they take the plane for a flight for the camera guys. When they’re finished, they land the plane back where it was and drive back home to see how the editors put all the staged material together.

But then, there’s funny of a different kind…

In Season 1 Episode 2 “Spies In The Night,” Ken Cage and Danny Thompson have a slick one pulled on them. To get paid the full amount, they have to find the logbooks and return those with the plane to the client. They find the logs in an outside storage bin and they are about to get paid. But the owner shows up and starts yelling about calling the cops and security, even though he knows he’s wrong.

What he does though is steal the logbooks back. They were in the front seat of Ken’s truck. It’s that easy for the owner to distract Ken and Danny who go to the owner’s house only to find out he’s not there. What he did was steal his own plane back after Ken and Danny left the airfield to track him down.

Can you imagine a millionaire with a mansion being that cheap? They’re out there. That just goes to show you that just because the guy has money doesn’t mean he won’t do you dirty.

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