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After Twenty Seasons Of Being Together, The Kardashians Had A Reunion

Of course in Hollywood these days, twenty seasons means about fourteen years. Keeping Up With The Kardashians began in 2007 and finally, it has come to an end even though the last episode has yet to air. Also in profound Kardashian style, part one of the KUWTK Reunion aired last night. That’s right! The final episode has yet to air and the reunion has already begun.

There were topics that were off-limits and there were some revealing details that came out about some family members, which prompts me to have a few questions. The cameras were following this family for fourteen years and getting so close, you could see the pores in their skin. Everything about them was revealed on camera for the world to see. What could possibly have been so revealing in the reunion, which aired before the finale if you don’t mind me repeating?

If there was anything revealed in last night’s special, that means the Kardashians have been holding back. Fans should be a little disappointed that they weren’t getting the whole story for all the time they invested into their favorite family’s show.

A reunion should be scheduled years from now. The questions should be more along the lines of what life was like on camera all those years, how the show might have affected their lives, relationships, careers…etc. That’s just my personal opinion but the reunion that aired by the way before the finale just seemed to be a sit-down and tell-all version of the same thing fans had been watching all those years. The only difference was the limits the Kardashians put on what they were willing to tell.

Even though Andy Cohen promised “Nothing’s off-limits with this crew,” the first thing that was clearly off-limits was Kim’s marital issues with Kanye. All of Kendall’s relationships were off-limits. Kendall wouldn’t even talk about her controversial Pepsi commercial.

kendall jennerSo basically, anything you wanted to know because it wasn’t in the show was also not going to be talked about during the reunion. Nothing controversial or that would make them look bad in any way was up for discussion. Fans might feel slighted in some way but most fans just like looking at them and hearing their voices. So, they probably weren’t disappointed at all that the show was not going to get down to the nitty-gritty with nothing off-limits as promised.

I’ve always said the Kardashians know what they’re doing. They are a very shrewd business-wise family. Even if I can make a joke about the reunion airing before the finale, there is no way I can deny how impressed I am with their business sense and how they do things.

When you can cut the legs out of jeans and make a fashion statement teenage girls flock to buy, you’ve mastered the highest level of Shennanigans and are very deserving of my respect.



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