A Whole Army Of Fail That Will Make You Bust A Gut Laughing

We all have that one friend…

You know, the guy who laughs at you when you almost kill yourself. He finishes laughing and stops recording. Then, he helps you get yourself out of the situation you are in.

One time a friend of mine got stuck behind the toilet bowl. How in the world do you get stuck behind a toilet bowl? He seriously couldn’t get back out. So, I seriously couldn’t stop laughing. He was begging for my help and I couldn’t stop laughing. It was involuntary. I wanted to help him. But, the laughter kept me from being able to move.

When I gathered myself, I took a picture real quick and then helped him out. I’ve got to be honest with you. It hurt a little bit. He was screaming the whole time because no one knew what we were doing. By this time, I had called all my friends to help. When they were finished laughing and taking pictures, we put our heads together.

But like I said, it was tough. He was in there good. We pulled his leg and he screamed. We pulled his arm. He screamed again. Finally, we asked him if he wanted us to call the fire department and he said he would just grin and bear it. That’s when he was willing to take the pain to get out.

He was willing to be bent into a pretzel to slide out. He grunted a little and it was just as funny watching him get out as the whole time he was stuck in there. Oh, we got videos of it and had a great laugh.

By the way, I’m not that one friend. But if the opportunity presents itself…I mean, that was handed to us on a silver platter!

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