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A Life Sold: The Man Who Once Auctioned His Life On Ebay

There are plenty of weird things being auctioned on Ebay. A Dorito shaped like the Pope’s hat, a corn flake shaped like Illinois, advertising space on a man’s forehead, and a kidney stone that came out of William Shatner are some of the things people were willing to pay high dollar to own. But, none of them are as original as when a man auctioned his life.

The story goes that Ian Usher had just broken up with his wife in 2008 and was trying to move on. So, he put his life on auction. At first, I wondered what that meant? Is this guy selling himself? What kind of life would that be? What kind of solution is that to move on? Doesn’t he value himself a little bit more than that than to go into some sort of arrangement that involves him being owned by someone else?

But, you have to look at that auction to know what it actually meant. He was putting all his earthly possessions into the auction and with nothing holding him back, no house, no car, no possessions whatsoever, than he was going to travel the world and complete 100 goals in 100 weeks. Okay now, I can understand that.

The winning bid was for AU $399,300, which is a little over $300,000 US. But, the sale didn’t go through. The guy who won didn’t have the money, or as Ian describes it, had issues gaining the necessary finances.

So, Ian went to the top five bidders after that and they were either no longer interested or weren’t in the position to make the purchase either. So, it was all just a joke to the bidders involved. That’s a shame! But then again, the house was worth more than the winning bid. So, hopefully he was able to sell the house, the car, and everything separately to get on with his life with a lot more money.

Actually, he ended up publishing a book and becoming a public speaker. He has also traveled quite extensively and accomplished more than most people can even imagine. Now, that’s how you move on with your life. There are going to be people who will choose to dwell in the past, keep everything that reminds them of it, and prolong their ability to move on. To each their own.

But, Ian Usher did what many people dream of doing. Just shedding it all and going! Changing the scenery. Changing the road. Leaving it all behind and changing from what he once was to what he is today. It takes guts. It takes freedom.

“What we decide to do in the face of adversity is perhaps the truest measure of character.” Ian Usher

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