A Lady Reported A Revenge Fart To The Police

In Sweden, a man from Laholm, Hallan County had the most bizarre police incident called on him. The names of either party were not released to the public, only the very bizarre story.

It appears a man and a woman were talking about having sex. They had the occasion several times in the past and it never happened. One night, the man went to the lady’s house with the idea that talking was over.

But, she denied him that night. He might have still had a chance with her. But, he blew it. Apparently, he left a nice rancid fart behind as he walked out of the house.

The lady called the cops on him. She said that it was a revenge fart and it was very offensive, “It smelled very bad in my flat.”

What a reason to call the cops? But, he could have used his talents for a much greater cause…


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