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A Jennifer Connelly Scene: The Most Heartbreaking Block In History

The year was 1991 in a Target of a small town. Jennifer Connelly was 21 at the time, but she was playing the part of a girl who seemed to be more in her late teens. Frank Whaley was 28 years old and he also seemed to be playing a much younger character. Their names were Josie and Jim in the John Hughes film Career Opportunities.

Of course, Jennifer Connelly is loved and adored by millions of fans and has been since her first role in 1982 when she played “The Girl” in Tales of the Unexpected. It wasn’t long after that, she was starring in her infamous role as Sarah in Labyrinth.

Adorable Jennifer Connelly

Her role as Gloria Harper in The Hot Spot came just before Career Opportunities, which is most likely the reason why it became a fan favorite even though critics found ways of publishing their bad remarks. What’s amazing about Jennifer is that she is never the reason a film doesn’t get the acclaim it deserves. Her performances always deserve high praise no matter what the other issues are with a film.

jennifer connelly in the lake

She could easily be called one of America’s favorites because there are so many things about her that her fans adore. First of all, her personality is so real and down to earth. She’s also a great mother and she’s been with her husband for nearly 20 years. In Hollywood, that’s a relationship built to last and that’s why we love her so much.

jennifer connelly

Let alone the fact that we practically watched her grow up on film. But rather than fall into the common traps of being a child star, she maintained her career as she balanced everything else in her life and we’re still watching her years later in such movies as American Pastoral as well as her latest hit Snowpiercer.

Jennifer Connelly in American Pastoral

Thanks for taking that walk with me down Visual Lane, but back to my point about Career Opportunities. So, she’s playing Josie who gets trapped inside a Target at night along with Jim who works there. She comes from an affluent family but is not happy while he is an underachiever who was forced to get the job at Target.

Of course, she is way of out his league. But their situation gives them the unique opportunity to get to know each other. There is actually a little romance sparking between them and in this scene I’m about to show you, they do a little rollerskating around the store which starts to turn into more than just fun and games. An attraction starts to build. This is Jim’s wildest dream getting ready to come true.

And then, all of a sudden…BAM! Jim’s worst nightmare is staring him in the face. The good ol’ American Block. If anyone has ever had a chance with someone who was clearly out of their league, they know what the block is if that opportunity suddenly came to a screeching halt like it does here:

Bonus Video:

From the young 21-year-old in Career Opportunities to the much older, sizzling star of Blood Diamond, just another reason why Jennifer Connelly is easily one of America’s favorites…

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