A Court Ordered Pepper Spray Attack! Justice?

People have been screaming about this kind of justice for years. I’ve heard it in the form of talking about killers, that they should be killed in the same way that they killed. If they tortured, then torture them.

This gets close to the kind of justice some people would like to see. Of course, the person was found guilty or admitted guilt in court. She was actually caught on film so there was no denying it. So, due process was given her. She wasn’t just thought of as guilty and swift justice was dealt.

Then, she chose to be pepper sprayed. She could have gone to jail!

“I do whatever I think will prevent a person from coming back in the courts again,” Judge Michael Cicconetti explained. “Yeah it’s a little different. It’s a little unique, but maybe we just need that a little bit in the judicial system.”
When Diamond Gaston, the mother of two, decided she was going to pepper spray a Burger King worker, her video went viral and she faced the person she attacked, Franz Rolles, in court. Judge Cicconetti handed down the decision for her to spend 30 days in jail or get pepper sprayed.
Gaston didn’t know it at the time, but she didn’t actually get pepper sprayed. That’s not a good idea in a closed court room. She was sprayed with a saline solution. But, it had the same emotional effect.
It’s not the first time Judge Cicconetti has handed down a decision like this. He made one lady walk 30 miles with a GPS on her ankle because she ditched a cab. That was the length of the cab ride she ditched.

Call the judge crazy! But, will this change how people look at justice? I know it will keep the jails from getting full.

But, what happens if the defendant is a rapist?

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