100 Days 100 Nights Gang Bet Strikes Fear Throughout LA

While it is true that people in LA are struck with fear over the rumors of a bet, whether or not the bet is real has yet to be determined. The rumor appears to have started with a spike in shootings from last week and over the weekend. The police are monitoring the threatened areas as well as the social media to track down the origin and stay on top of the situation.

But, a fake story about a fake gang war is not the type of information I like to spread. So, I’ll just keep this to what seems most likely to be the facts.

The hashtag #100days100nights is referring to a rumored bet between gangs for who reaches 100 killings first. The area that is hot is reported as being between Western and Normanie Avenues. The bet seems to have been prompted by the shooting of Rollin 100 gang member ‘KP’. #rollin100 for instagram and twitter to keep up to date if you live in the area.

Investigators and gang interventionists who are reaching out and know the climate seem to indicate that evidence of a bet does not exist. So, either the gangs aren’t talking or there really is no bet. But, the numbers keep rising even though plenty of headlines are coming out saying its all a hoax.

Just stay safe! This is one of those you just never know!

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