What Makes the Sheeple Act

What Makes the Sheeple Act

SheepleThere is no safe platform where everyone will listen! If you’re not speaking their language, most will turn you off immediately. If they disagree with you, most will never listen to you again. If someone’s not screaming, dying, or whining, there are very few who will take the message seriously.

Think about it! If I were to inform you in a civil tone that a study by the FDAP has determined that the consumption of Beef Jerky leads to the contraction of a rare pathogen that triggers extremely sore feet, who would take the message seriously?

But, watch a foot blow up once! Now, everyone is talking about it. The experts are telling us why, when yesterday they didn’t even know what. Beef Jerky is being recalled and taken off the shelves by every grocery store, convenience store, gas station and outhouse. Extremists are crying that they want Beef Jerky to be made illegal. A non-profit organization is put together for the victims of Beef Jerky Foot Explosion. And then, the movie comes out!

Of course, Lifetime produces a Special based on a true story of Foot Explosion…a girl with a promising future in Beach Kabaddi now must learn to face a future without feet after losing hers to Beef Jerky Foot Explosion, a common disease that is growing to claim 2 out of every 17,943 people.

Think about it!