If anyone asks, Donald Pugh is not very bright at all. He thought he was slick. He even went on the radio and joked about hanging out with El Chapo. But in the end, he wasn’t slick at all.

Donald Pugh was on the run from police with a Failure to Appear. There was a Warrant for his arrest. So, he got out of Ohio. He fled to Florida and was living it up for a minute.

But, he didn’t like his mugshot that they were showing on the news and on their Facebook. So, he took a selfie and sent them that one. He thought he was being cute. But, the officers thanked him very much for the updated selfie and used it against him…

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They posted his new mugshot along with the one he preferred on their Facebook when they were booking him after catching up to him in Florida. You can’t make this stuff up!

The NOVEL that sold a thousand cases of Jack!