The NOVEL that climbed Mount Everest by itself!

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Without A Doubt The Most Beautiful Squats You Have Ever Seen

When girls get fit, it’s an awesome sight. Men love when women take care of their bodies just as much as women love when men take care of their minds. Beautiful squats are one way to take care of both at the same time. Watching a woman do ...


Getting Hilariously Honest With Sex Questions From The Bedroom

There are things about sex we all should know. Who better to ask than the one we sleep with. So, you have to be able to just come out with it. You can’t expect your mate to know what’s going on in your mind. They can’t read ...

trooper sex hood car

Cop Takes Frisking To A Whole New Level. . .On The Hood Of The Car

This cop loves his traffic stops, a little too much! Caught with his pants down and the girl up on the hood of the car, I wonder if she had the right to remain silence. The story just broke and the investigation is underway. We all know what ...


The NOVEL that wore faded jeans to Kanye's wedding!