She Got Forced To Pick Up Her Dog’s Poo

She Got Forced To Pick Up Her Dog’s Poo

She thought she could just let her dog do his business anywhere. But, she chose the wrong house to let her little chihuahua roam free. The owner comes out of the house and he’s not happy.

But, the girl has backup. Her husband is standing right there listening to his wife get bossed around and cussed out by the owner of the house. You are going to love the look on her face when she turns to him and asks, “Are you going to let him talk to me like that?”

She thought she was going to be belligerent. She even corrected the homeowner on what type of dog she owned as if that mattered for some reason. Then, she finds out what’s really up.

Does her husband do anything? Does he have her back the way she thinks he does?

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