Not all offices are the same. Some are run by a tyrant who looks at numbers and snaps at people for not meeting them. There are absolutely no Sexy Shenanigans in an office like that. The tyrant hardly offers any credit for hard work because that would be a transfer of leverage. Something a tyrant would never dream of.

Then, there’s the cool office where everyone gets along. There is a positive atmosphere. People try to help people and the praise flies around the office for the least little thing.

That’s not this office. It doesn’t fit the description of either one of those offices because this one is off the charts. Check out the office shenanigans and tell me you wouldn’t want to work in a place like this.

Games At 11 In The Morning

I walked into work today to find @macfaulkner and @taylor_would playing 'Vodka or Water?'

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Stacy, NO! @lady.mann

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Always Something Going On

The time Brennah Black became a virtual cat. She finished strong (hint) @brennahblack @lobosjrgaming

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Break The Monotony

Office Shenanigans. Busting up meetings in the conference room with @jenamays

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There’s Even A Theme Song

SOCIAL has arrived!!! Link to theCHIVE's summer anthem in bio!

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The NOVEL that sold a thousand cases of Jack!