Sex and Gender Are Not The Same – What’s The Confusion?

Sex and Gender Are Not The Same – What’s The Confusion?

You hear it on the news when they are talking about the difference between males and females. They always call it gender instead of sex. When they are talking about the pay discrepancy between the sexes, they call it the Gender Pay Gap. When they are talking about the #Metoo movement, they talk about Gender Equality and Gender Issues.

Why are they so insistent on referring to it as gender? It’s not. It’s sex and it plays a big part in many of the issues we are facing today. Equality, feminism, the LGBTQ community, and many of our other issues are about sex, not gender.

Why is that? Who is this crazy guy and what is he talking about?

Sex is biological. Sex is the difference between male and female. Sex is what people are talking about when they are discussing who goes in which bathroom or who matures faster and how the body changes throughout life. That is not gender.

Gender is made up. It has nothing to do with biological differences. They still exist somewhat, but years ago there were expectations on gender. Boys played with balls and girls played with dolls. Girls wore pink and boys wore blue. That’s when gender and sex went hand in hand. People conformed to these expectations because they wanted to be socially acceptable.

Today, it’s not like that anymore. Not so much anyway. There are still some expectations. But, more and more people are breaking through the mold. There are over sixty genders that I’m aware. When you realize gender was made up in the first place, you can understand where it’s going now. Gender can be anything a person wants it to be.

Why let society dictate to you the type of person you are supposed to be? How you’re supposed to act? The things you’re supposed to like? How you are supposed to dress? That’s all gender and you can define who you are the way you want.

Sex is the only thing that’s biological. Women have babies. Men have sperm. That’s the only thing that can’t be changed. It’s not possible yet anyway. A woman still can’t get a guy pregnant at this point in time. That’s a hell of a thought. We probably could have gone the rest of our lives without that image in our heads.