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My latest screenplay is a Miami-based full-length feature, You Can’t Keep It All. When a club owner partners with the wrong people, he soon finds himself in the middle of unimaginable corruption with no way out in sight. But, he has more than just his own life to save and it seems his only option is to give up what he loves best to do it.

The screenplay A River in the Ocean is based on the novel. The drama with a touch of comedy about a single father who is separated from his daughter after an accident puts him in a coma for nine years. She is raised by Maggie and Gilmer who have the best of intentions, but are not normal in any way, shape or form. Finding each other again is going to be difficult for the father and his daughter, especially since he doesn’t know he’s looking and she doesn’t know she’s lost.

Recently finished writing the full length feature thriller entitled, I Know Where You Are. A murderous internet stalker with the right smartphone apps can find any girl he wants at any time. But, it’s not their fault they are in his radar and there is only one deadly connection between them.

By far, the scariest story I have ever written. It is registered with the WGA.

The C3I is a spoof on the top crime television show CSI: Miami. When a lady is found dead in an alley, it’s going to take the intuitive skill of investigators and the advanced technology of forensics to figure out what happened. Too bad our team doesn’t have either.


Wooji is a thriller about a neglected boy who finds a friend in the most awkward of circumstances. But, is his new friend simply a bad influence or just the spark of the evil that lies within?


For anyone who came here looking for the free screenwriting template, it became outdated with more advanced versions of Word and I took it down. But if you want a free resource that is much better anyway, Celtx offers a free solution for writing professional industry standard screenplays. Create an account. Start a new document. Then see how easy it is to write a screenplay, collaborate with other writers online if you want, then save in PDF or Print. All the things you would want in a screenplay writing resource.


What is the industry’s top screenplay writing software? The answer is easy…