Parking Spot Thief Gets Dealt With Righteously

Parking Spot Thief Gets Dealt With Righteously

The parking spot thief is one of the worst types of people. They really do throw off the harmony everyone else tries so hard to find throughout the day.

The other day, I was in line pulling out of a gas station. Everything was running smooth until an old, discombobulated lady pulled up the down lane and drove right through the line ahead of me. She acted confused like she didn’t mean to break the flow. But, I wasn’t buying. I let her pass and wondered how many times people let her get away with that a day.

They’re all over the place. They’re in lines at the store. They’re on the highway. They think they’re more important than everyone else and if they get away with bumping everyone back, then they win at the expense of everyone else.

That’s the parking spot thief. You circle the parking lot and you find a space. You’re waiting for the guy in it to pull out. It’s the rule. You put in your time. But, parking spot thieves don’t play by the rule. They like to sneak up and take it.

That’s when the Jeep driver in the video takes matters into his own hands. I don’t feel sorry for this Parking Spot Thief one bit. He definitely had it coming.

How You Deal With A Parking Spot Thief

Source: This is why you never steal a Jeep’s parking spot! by jeepgraming on Rumble