Michael Allen“It’s a childish desire, the childish desire for good.” Michael Allen

Michael Allen grew up between Virginia and Maryland. Moving back and forth many times in his life, he finally graduated high school at James Monroe in Fredericksburg, Va. in 1988.

But, four days later he was on the “Yellow Footprints” more commonly referred to as U.S. Marine Corps boot camp. Honorably Discharged in 1993, he would eventually begin college in 1995 after a few years of doing the “Hunter S. Thompson thang” as he so affectionately likes to recall those days.

A warehouse manager in Atlanta, Georgia, sand blasting bridge parts in Tupelo, Mississippi, a bouncer at a club in Maryland, just to name a few, Michael Allen exhausted all leads trying to see what he didn’t see as a Marine. So, he entered into college and four years later finally earned his B.S. in English.

Taking a teaching job at Northern Garrett High School in Western Maryland, he soon found himself lost again. Through years of struggle and life altering changes, it was his voice that started to emerge.

A Danger to Society Michael Allen

A Danger to Society was Michael Allen’s first novel about a man who becomes the victim of a case of mistaken identity. He finds himself pitted against the good ‘ol boy network of Smallton, America. A fiction novel about the notions of law, crime and criminal behavior with a slight twist. Loosely based on a true story.

His writing career finally off the ground,When You Miss Me Michael Allen Michael Allen is the writer of over twenty books and over ten screenplays as a freelance ghostwriter. Eventually, he would go on to publish a children’s book he wrote for his daughter when she was young. Realizing it was a great story to share with the world, he had When You Miss Me professionally illustrated and he put it on the market in 2011.

Michael Allen Mikayla LynnHis latest work is A River in the Ocean, the story of a single father who goes into a coma for nine years after a near fatal accident. He awakens with amnesia, unaware he has a daughter. Fate tries to move them in the right direction. But, he doesn’t know he’s looking for her and she doesn’t know she needs found.

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