How Freedom of Speech Really Works

imageU.S. District Judge Lynn Hughes told the director of the Houston National Cemetery and Department of Veterans Affairs officials that they could not block Houston Pastor Scott Rainey from invoking the name of Jesus Christ in a Memorial Day prayer.

Finally a Judge with some common sense on the matter.  But, I don’t blame the Veterans Affairs Officials.  I just think that they are all confused.

The Separation of Church and State is simply a tool put in place so that  the Church can’t have the say over laws we make.  Forgetting our history is one problem we have in knowing where we are going.

The Church at one time had the King’s ear.  The Church dictated law.  In America, we no longer allow that to happen.  But, I have heard some ridiculous complaints come out of certain notions that some people have about the Separation of Church and State.

For instance, I once witnessed an argument where an atheist was saying that a pastor has no right talking to a senator about a law.  What?  Everyone has access to our senators.  A pastor who is talking to a senator is practicing the same rights we all have.  People of the Church are allowed to influence law just the same as any other activist, organization or individual.  It’s just that the Church is no longer the final say or the lawmaker of any laws.

Another instance is just what I mentioned earlier about Pastor Scott Rainey praying on Memorial Day.  Here’s how freedom of speech works.  You can’t tell Pastor Scott Rainey what to say.  If you don’t want to hear the name Jesus Christ at the Memorial Day prayer, you get someone else to do it in the first place.

The prayers that take place before Congress, the words on our dollar bills, the Bible that we use in court, none of these things even apply to the Separation of Church and State.  They have nothing to do with making laws.  They are tradition and people who try to remove certain rituals from our traditions are actually trying to change the country into something it is not.