Hollywood Perfect: The Before And After

Hollywood Perfect: The Before And After

Girls flip through magazines wanting to be the models in the pictures. They starve themselves and alter themselves just to be Hollywood’s idea of perfect. Well, you will soon learn that Hollywood perfect doesn’t really exist.

In a video that was recently published, it shows how a model goes through a transformation. But, it doesn’t happen in real life. It happens in Photoshop! Yes, Photoshop!

Model HollywoodThis is the actual model. She’s the beautiful girl next door. For the girl who is flipping through magazines wishing you were as beautiful as a model, this is you! This is how beautiful you have to be to make it as a model.

This girl is perfect for me. She’s perfect for most of the world. So, you can stop trying to be better. You can stop cutting yourself and getting alterations every time you see a model who has something you don’t have. Because, chances are they don’t have it either.

Model HollywoodThis is the finished look! The girl was given cosmetic surgery on paper. Her eyes were made wider. Her legs were made longer. By the time they added a little light on the subject, she wasn’t even the same girl.

When I look at it, I think Hollywood’s idea of perfect doesn’t exist. Even when you’re beautiful, someone with a Photoshop will sit in front of a computer and trim down the thighs, make your neck longer and turn beautiful into fake.

So if you want to be a model, don’t change anything else. You are ready. You are perfect the way you are. When you start modeling, thank people for the gig and roll out. Don’t even look back. Because what you’ll see if you stick around can either tear your self esteem down because they are chopping things off your butt and making your mouth more full, or you can strut around and be proud because you finally made it to the world of cover up where good is never good enough.