The Strangest Things Caught By The Google Street Views Van

The Strangest Things Caught By The Google Street Views Van

When the Google Van started going all over the place, no one knew what to think. They had no idea even to wave, that their picture would be memorialized forever in the big Google world of Street Views. No one even knew what that was.

But now, everyone knows. It helps us get around and find our way. The Street View makes it so we can recognize the places where we’re going. But, what in the world have people been doing?

It’s like they know what time of day the Google Van will be coming down their road and they’re getting ready for it. Some people are playing some really good pranks. But, that’s not always the case.

There are some really sketchy people on Google Street View. Some guys are holding guns like they just murdered someone. One guy looks like he’s escaping from prison. Google Street Views catches a whole lot more than streets and addresses. Watch what they caught this time!

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