Free Art Contest For Established And Up And Coming Artists

Free Art Contest For Established And Up And Coming Artists

This is a unique art contest that I think artists will enjoy participating in when they learn all the details. For one, there are no fees at all. The second reason is, everyone wins in a way.

Of course, certain prizes will only go to the artists who win. But, all art submissions will be displayed for everyone to see and you’ll be able to share them on your Facebook or Twitter for as long as you like.

The contest is about the art in Michael Allen’s book A River in the Ocean. Don’t worry! You do not have to buy the book to participate. It is offered free for you to read here: A River in the Ocean

The main character is an artist as well as a furniture maker. As an artist, you get to choose any piece of art described in the book and draw it, paint it, graphically illustrate it…etc. Whatever you do as an artist, apply your skills.

There are plenty of pieces described in the book. Read the narrative of each piece and create what you envision. Told you this would be fun!

A winner will be chosen for each of the pieces that are described in the book. Yes, there are plenty of chances to win and you can submit work for all of the art in the book if you would like. Submit one image file per piece. Have as much fun with this contest as you can handle…

Here is the exciting part,
What you will win:

– A signed copy of the book in print.
– A shirt with your art on it and a quote from the book.
– Your art along with YOUR NAME will be highlighted in an article written specifically about it.
– MOST IMPORTANTLY: Your art could possibly be displayed in the MOVIE!

That’s right! You read that correctly! A River in the Ocean was written into a screenplay. When they are filming, there will be artwork showcased in the “secret room.” When you read the book, you’ll know what that means. Your artwork could be chosen to be displayed proudly in that room.

Obligatory Statement: If you win, you share the rights to your work with Michael Allen. You can copy, share, sell, and advertise your work as you see fit. You also grant Michael Allen the right to copy, share, sell, and advertise your work in various forms including posters, shirts, coffee mugs…etc. The rights for your artwork are subject to change before filming begins. You will be notified of those changes and you will have the right to exclude your work at that time if you don’t agree with them.

How The Contest Works:

– After you read the book, choose the art that you would like to create.
– Once it’s complete, submit it here and we will notify you when your art has been given its own Artwork Page for you to promote.
– If your artwork is in physical form, an image of it can be submitted here and it will be given the same consideration as all other entries.
– Promote your Artwork Page on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram…etc.
Like my Facebook page and I’ll promote your work too! Michael Allen Online
– Facebook Likes and Shares will play a big part in Winner selection.
– Michael Allen has the final say in what artwork will win! He’s looking for pieces that capture the art as close as he envisions it or work that inspires him.
– Even if you don’t win, your art will remain on its own page so that you can continue to show it off!
– The deadline for submitting work is December 1, 2017!
(The deadline may be extended for unforeseeable reasons. But, will not be moved up to a sooner time.)

Are you all set? Are there any questions?

Get ready! Get set! Go! I’m excited to see some great artwork!

Submit your work here: