Facebook Is Not A 911 Matter

Facebook Is Not A 911 Matter

It was called the Great Facebook Blackout of 2014. Facebook went down for about 45 minutes just a few days ago. You might remember trying to login and you got a simple message saying something like, “Check back in a few minutes…”

People called 911! People actually called 911! A sheriff had to tweet a message out saying that Facebook is not a law enforcement issue.

If you called 911 or thought of calling 911 because you couldn’t login to Facebook, do me a favor. Put down the phone or step away from the computer.

Go outside! Go get in the sun. Seriously, it’s still out there. You need to unplug yourself.

For those of you who didn’t feel the need to call 911 when you encountered that message, we’re fine. We haven’t been completely taken over yet.

Other stupid 911 calls:

  • A lady down here in Florida called 911 because she was locked inside her car. She complained that nothing electrical worked and it was getting hot. The dispatcher told her to manually lift the lock, which obviously saved her life.
  • Another lady in Florida called because McDonald’s didn’t have Chicken McNuggets.
  • A person who just bought pot from a drug dealer called the cops to report that the drug dealer took her money and didn’t return with the product.
  • A police officer called 911 because he got high with his wife on weed he had confiscated in a bust. The couple thought they were having a heart attack.
  • A common phenomenon is the fact that 911 gets butt dialed way too much. So much so that at times it overwhelms the system.