The NOVEL that climbed Mount Everest by itself!

North County Lady Tried To Write A Check To Cover Her Other Checks

She thought it would be easy. After all, she had been writing checks all over town and that’s the way business was done. Once the money clears her account, the checks are all good. People don’t have to know that the money isn’t ...


A Phenomenal Treasure Has Been Uncovered At Ground Zero

As firefighters went through the rubble of the 9/11 World Trade Center collapse, they found plenty of things that broke their hearts. They also found things that would give them hope. This is one of them. Infused into a chunk of steel, there ...

A Father Tells His Daughter

Illusions the World Taught Me

What you perceive is often the greatest illusion of all. Magicians have taught us that every time they make a girl disappear or they pick your card out of a sealed envelope you’ve been holding in your hand since the beginning of the trick. ...


The NOVEL that wore faded jeans to Kanye's wedding!