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A Convicted Terrorist Wins Human Rights Case

Anders Behring Breivik killed 77 people in cold blood. He is marked as a terrorist. But, he is only serving 21 years in prison because that’s the max Norway will allow. Personally, they should have charged him separately for each murder ...


North County Lady Tried To Write A Check To Cover Her Other Checks

She thought it would be easy. After all, she had been writing checks all over town and that’s the way business was done. Once the money clears her account, the checks are all good. People don’t have to know that the money isn’t ...


Bully Picks On The Wrong Girl

The real deal about bullies is that they aren’t as tough as they think they are. They become bullies in different ways. Either they get picked on at home, so they pick on kids at school or they get neglected at home and starve for the ...


One Bad A$$ Pilot Puts His Helicopter Down In Rough Sea Weather

This isn’t video games. This is the real deal. A Navy pilot putting is putting his helicopter down on the high seas and it’s nothing to scoff at. People engrossed in video games might talk about how easy it is to do. But, they should ...


When A Bear Wanders Into A Construction Site Looking For A Picnic Basket

What would you do if you ran smack dab face to face with a bear? That’s what happened to this guy. He was marking off the side of a building and the bear was just around the corner. The camera happened to catch the action of the guy trying ...

bad posts

Hilarious Look At Some Of The Stupid Things People Post

It’s easy to make a mistake. But, Facebook put an edit in place so that people can go back and change their mistakes. That comes in handy when you know you’ve written the wrong thing. People misspell things all the time. They get the ...

deadly crashes

Compilation Of The Luckiest People In The World Escaping Certain Death

Have you ever been in a really close call? You remember your heart beating out of your chest. You had to stop for a moment and catch your breath. That’s what happens all through this video. These people are caught in some very hairy ...


Yet Another Thing The World Doesn’t Need – The Ropeless Jump Rope

Because the hard part about jumping rope is the rope after all. If only they could take the rope out of jump rope, we’d all have it beat. I could go on and on with jokes about this one. Can you believe someone actually invented a jump rope ...


Elderly Lady Wakes Up With Exotic Animal Caressing Her Face

What is your worst nightmare? Is it anywhere close to waking up with a strange animal playing with your face? That’s what one elderly lady in Miami went through one morning. She woke up with a Kinkajou on her. The vet who is taking care of ...


Cop Balls Like A Baby As He Gets Sentenced For What He Did To 13 Ladies

It’s the best thing you’ll watch all day. Not all cops are bad. But, the bad ones are enough to make people sick. They think they are above the law and that no one can touch them. So, they abuse their power and do unthinkable things. ...


Student Gets Pics From Hot Professor And Is Offered Awesome Benefits

Imagine sitting in class one day and all of a sudden you get an unexpected text. They aren’t the best things to get all the time. But, this one was a little different. This lucky guy gets a picture like this. Who wouldn’t say, ...


A Whole Army Of Fail That Will Make You Bust A Gut Laughing

We all have that one friend… You know, the guy who laughs at you when you almost kill yourself. He finishes laughing and stops recording. Then, he helps you get yourself out of the situation you are in. One time a friend of mine got stuck ...


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