The NOVEL that climbed Mount Everest by itself!


Budweiser Reminds Us What The American Journey Has Always Been About

When you listen to the various sides of the refugee issue, you hear valid concerns. But, “listen” is the operative word. Not many people are willing to do that because they have their opinions, they want others to hear them, and they ...


Liberal Muslim Woman Sets The Record Straight About Trump

Why would a liberal Muslim vote for Trump? After all that he said and did while he was running for office, does it sound feasible? Actually, it does. But, you’d have to hear it from Asra Nomani herself. Her main point is that the two sides ...


One Bad A$$ Pilot Puts His Helicopter Down In Rough Sea Weather

This isn’t video games. This is the real deal. A Navy pilot putting is putting his helicopter down on the high seas and it’s nothing to scoff at. People engrossed in video games might talk about how easy it is to do. But, they should ...


The NOVEL that wore faded jeans to Kanye's wedding!