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wrong trump feature

Dominican Newspaper Uses Wrong Donald Trump Photo

Alec Baldwin probably woke up this morning and had the best laugh he’s been able to have in a long time. His Donald Trump impersonation is recognized worldwide now. It appears that an imagine of him was used instead of an image of the ...

the chive

Sexy Shenanigans From True Office Gurus

Not all offices are the same. Some are run by a tyrant who looks at numbers and snaps at people for not meeting them. There are absolutely no Sexy Shenanigans in an office like that. The tyrant hardly offers any credit for hard work because that ...


We Have A Parrot In A Mugshot Over Here

This just might be a first. Craig Buckner took his mugshot with his parrot. How it happened is a strange twist of circumstances. In Washington County, Oregon, Craig was summoned to appear in court for violating a release order. He took his ...


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