The NOVEL that climbed Mount Everest by itself!


It Gets Hilarious When A Softball Pitcher Crashes A Dodgeball Game

It was an innocent game of dodgeball. Just a bunch of girls throwing balls at each other and trying to knock each other out of the game. But, that was over as soon a softball pitcher entered the game. I’m sure you can imagine. She is ...


Parking Spot Thief Gets Dealt With Righteously

The parking spot thief is one of the worst types of people. They really do throw off the harmony everyone else tries so hard to find throughout the day. The other day, I was in line pulling out of a gas station. Everything was running smooth ...

the chive

Sexy Shenanigans From True Office Gurus

Not all offices are the same. Some are run by a tyrant who looks at numbers and snaps at people for not meeting them. There are absolutely no Sexy Shenanigans in an office like that. The tyrant hardly offers any credit for hard work because that ...


The NOVEL that wore faded jeans to Kanye's wedding!