The NOVEL that climbed Mount Everest by itself!

Budweiser Reminds Us What The American Journey Has Always Been About

When you listen to the various sides of the refugee issue, you hear valid concerns. But, “listen” is the operative word. Not many people are willing to do that because they have their opinions, they want others to hear them, and they ...


Great Ideas To Make Life Easier For You In The Winter

These aren’t your normal ideas for cutting heating costs and staying warm. These are actually fun to do and they make life a whole lot easier for you. From making shoveling easier to making your own hand warmers, you’ll want to run ...


Scientists Have Conducted A Study To Prove Whether Or Not Cinderella Could Have Danced In Her Glass Slippers

Scientists decided to conduct a study that will have such an impact on us all. It hasn’t really been up for debate until now. But, the scientist found something they thought of as odd in the world and wanted to study its probability. In ...


The NOVEL that wore faded jeans to Kanye's wedding!